Do you have an idea for a fantastic new software application?  Or maybe you have a vision for a great web/mobile app and need the technical expertise to create it?

We're a small team of software engineers and we'd like to offer our services for your project! Click Here!

Our skills include:

• Programming language experience: Java, python, C#, HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, javascript, node.js, Bootstrap

• MySQL, NoSQL, – configuration with applications, C#, Microsoft visual studio, Html 5, CSS3, cloud computing, mobile application development in the following programs: Microsoft visual studio, Adobe Dreamweaver, Phone-gap

• Database cloud programs: MongoDB, Microsoft AzureAzure

• Programming: Raptor, treehouse

• Professional web hosting:

• Understanding of visual studio .NET frameworks using C# for mobile applications, and ASP.NET for web applications)

• Understanding of Object oriented programming, using agile development techniques, web API authentication

• Basic troubleshooting of Microsoft windows

• Understanding of Github, gitbash, Git (includes push and pull projects from local repository to central system)

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